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Monica Tindall, The Yum List.

Adega Belém Urban Winery, Lisbon, The Yum List

“Located in the riverside district of Lisbon, Belém, Adega Belém Urban Winery combines the rich heritage of winemaking with the vibrant urban energy of the city. Housed in a former car repair shop, founders Catarina and David have transformed the space into a haven for wine enthusiasts. The connection between terroir, vintners, climate, and guests is essential. They aim to create wines that transcend industry-driven trends and embody their commitment to craftsmanship and urban winemaking.

At Adega Belém, the winemaking process begins by carefully selecting grapes from three vineyards around Lisbon – one is only a kilometre away! Catarina and David personally collaborate with vintners, working hand-in-hand as partners in the entire process from soil to bottle. All grapes are hand-harvested, ensuring gentle handling and that each grape is intact when arriving at the winery.

Curiously, there are over 2200 vintners in the Lisbon wine region (stretching from the Tagus River in the south and east, the Atlantic on the west to the Leiria District almost a 100km further north) but only around 120 wineries. The thoughtful collaboration between grower and maker is essential in capitalising on each harvest’s bounty.”


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