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Wines made with love, and grapes as well

Adega Belém brings winemaking right to the heard of the city. Owned and run by the Moreira & Picard family, the winery is located in Lisbon’s urban neighborhood of Belém. Drop by and sample a selection of reds, whites, rosés and bubblies made from Portuguese varietals. Or learn more about wine making by taking part in a tour through our winemaking cellars or by booking a wine tasting class.

See you soon, abraços, beijinhos, à bientôt und bis bald!

Catarina, David, Ana Lula, Sofia and Lili


Cellar tours including tastings daily 11h30-12h45 (please drop us an email to book)

Tastings and light tapas food during normal cellar door hours.

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CORONA health measures regarding social distancing and testing requirements are being implemented. We are fully vaccinated and hope so are you, for our common health and happiness.


Healthy grapes

Our grapes are grown in the foothills of Lisbon’s Monsanto mountain and in the Caparide Valley above Estoril. An additional part is grown the villages of Palmela in Setubal and Bemposta near Alenquer. 



Handcrafted wines using state-of-the-art cellar technology and a minimal intervention approach to make the most delicious wines possible from each grape variety.

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into delicious wines

We work with endemic grape varieties and yeasts because it makes more interesting wines reflecting the respective varietal characters as much as the special terroir of our winery and the Belém neighborhood on the banks of the river Tejo.

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Sustainable Winemaking

To reduce our environmental impact, we use locally harvested grapes grown under integrated vineyard management, lightweight bottles, chemical-agent-free cleaning, energy saving inverter technology, recycled cardboard packaging, and in-house waste water treatment.

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made in Lisbon

We love Lisbon, we live in Lisbon and we make every single wine in our winery in Lisbon. Bringing the winery inside the city means bringing the mystery of fermentation right to the doorstep of our clients.


a Family Matter

Adega Belém is a family venture and everyone, young and old, gets involved. All label designs are based on drawings by Ana Lula and Sofia, the two junior winemakers whose work so well reflects the crazy and chaotic harmony of our lives – and wines.


Cellar Dog Selection

Uncomplicated red and white wines that accompany your daily meals, aperitifs and party events. Both are named after the winery’s pets, Lili the cellar dog and Cookie the cellar rabbit.


Single Variety Whites

Three single variety white wines made from grapes from the north of Portugal: Encruzadao, Moscatel Galego and Alvarinho, yet grown in the vineyards next to Lisbon’s famous red bridge (“25 de abril”). Like three sisters, each develops an own personality while maintaining a common sensorial parenthood.


Outstanding Red Wines

Two outstanding red wines we are really proud of: Senhor Rita, a 2020  Reserva made of Castelão, and Rabo da Rainha, a 2020 Grande Reserva made of Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional.


Encruzado Brut Nature

Handmade sparkling wine from Encruzado grapes grown in the foothills of the Monsanto mountains in Lisbon. Disgorgement à la volé, hand corked and labeled in our cellar in Belém. Delicious citric aroma, fine perlage and the best blob of the year made in the town of Lisbon.


Pet Nat 2021

Ancestral-method and on-skin fermented Moscatel Galego, unfiltered, no additives, an extreme wine, cloudy, strong perlage, difficult to open without making a mess, deeply fruit driven, delicious cold companion of hot summer days, but careful: this is no usual spritzer, it may convert you to natural wine.


Unicorn Magic

Capricious, wild, untamed. Fetish animal of the 2015 generation. Name of our 2020 late harvest Moscatel Graúdo from the Arrabida Hills. Whole-berry fermented. Spontaneous fermentation. 90 day maceration.


Tours & tastings

Join our daily cellar tour to learn all about winemaking and taste wines at intermediate stages. Or sit down in our cellar door and explore the varietal characters of different grapes grown in the Lisbon area. Tours at EUR 18/person. Tasting flights from EUR 7,50.


accompanied by tasty endeavors

Enjoy handcrafted goat, sheep and cow-milk cheeses, selected cured meats, Iberian pork sausages, olives and fresh bread. Or order hot and cold finger-food through our caterer. Prices start at EUR 7,50 per person.


create great party time memories

Organize your events, birthday parties, business meetings, receptions, finger-food buffets at the winery, or join one of our open house events.

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Wine is fun

We think that wine is far less serious than so many of our contemporaries seem to pretend. Let’s taste and talk about what really matters, how we drink what we drink and what we like to drink, and let other people do the bullshitting.



Before becoming winemakers, Catarina was a biologist studying the mating calls (“quak quak”) of the Iberian tree frog and David an anthropologist doing ethnography in the Western Indian Ocean. Through her research, Catarina found that female frogs generally respond to males who call in the local frog-dialect.


= wine

Only in some rare cases, females fall for the unique spell of a peculiar foreign male passing by their pond, and love happens. That’s kind of our story. And that’s why the Iberian tree frog is our logo. ♥

Cellar door menu & wine list

How to find us

Address: Trav. Paulo Jorge 8-9, 1300-444 Belém, Lisbon Portugal

Tel.: +351 213 630 707 | Email:

Open: Tuesday – Friday 11h-13h & 14h-16h (-19h Fridays) | Saturday 10h30 – 13h

Opening times may vary during events.


5 minutes to walk from Belém train station, 2 minutes from Altinho (MAAT) tram stop, 10 minutes from the Belém Jeronimos Monastery, about an hour from Lisbon City Centre, Cais de Sodre, along the beautiful Tejo river walk. Or cycle!


Train Cais de Sodre-Cascais, get off at Belém Train station. Eléctrico 15E or 18 E (Yellow tram) get off at Altinho (MAAT). Uber and Taxi stop in front of the cellar door.


Please use any of the nearby public parking lots, all within easy walking distance: Travessa dos Escaleres (next to Cordoaria) or Electricity Museum (next to MAAT south of railway, use public footbridge).