2022 vintage to start at the end of this week. Drop by and watch how grapes become wine!

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Cellar tours

Explore how wine is being made, literally from the grape to the glass. We explain you every step, different winemaking approaches and how terroir and technology impact what you will eventually taste in your glass.

Cellar tours and tastings in English on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, 11h00-13h00. Private tours at other times convenient to you and us. Duration: around 90 minutes according to your own pace.  The tour includes a 5-wine tasting flight. We highly recommend to pair the tasting with a delicious tapas lunch (artisan cheese, cured meat, ham, bread, olives).

An easy, fun and entertaining activity, this tour will leave you with new insights about winemaking and the beauty of wine. It introduces to different white, red, rosé and sparkling wine making techniques, explains the choices that winemakers can make and how these alter the profile of the final products. You will learn all about classical low intervention winemaking and how it differs from larger scale industrial winemaking. At the end of the tour, you will sit down in the cellar door and taste a couple of whites and reds, to discover how grape varietals and fermentation techniques help to get the best out of each berry. We speak English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese, although we will do the tours usually in English so as to allow a maximum of people to take part.

To book, simply call us at (+351) 213630707 or drop an email at admin@adegabelem.com to request a particular date. Once we have confirmed your date, please pay by using one of the links below. You can also book via AirBnB, Winedering or  GetExperience (with additional booking fee). 

Conditions: To taste wines, participants must be at least 18 years of age. Please contact us before booking for children between 6 and 18 years.  Please note that participants climb a non-barrier free short, steep staircase at the end of the tour not suitable for persons with mobility-related disabilities.


Cellar Tour & Tasting: 21,- EUR/person incl. IVA.

Cellar Tour, Tasting and Tapas Pairing: 30,- EUR/person incl. IVA


Private tours at other times and in other languages from 45,- EUR/person (minimum group prices apply)

Wine tastings

Explore different types of wines produced at the winery. Discover the particularity of Iberian varietals such as Encruzado, Moscatel Galego, Alvarinho, Castelão or Touriga Franca.


You will explore different types of wines produced in our winery. We will explain the profile of each native grape varietal and the techniques used in the production of each wine. You will taste five different wines. The experience is  fun and will hopefully leave you with insights into the world of wine. We speak Portuguese, English, French, German and Spanish, and of course the universal language of wine, especially after the first couple of glasses. The tastings take between 30 minutes and an hour, according to your pace. Free selection from the wines open at the bar. You can add a light tapas plate if you wish.

You may want to book or simply drop by at the winery during normal opening hours. To book, call us at (+351) 213630707 or drop us an email at admin@adegabelem.com. Conditions: To taste wines, participants must be at least 18 years of age. We encourage wine tasters to use the wine spit buckets that we provide. We do not permit inappropriate behavior in the winery or in the street due to alcohol abuse.


3 wine tasting flight 10,00 EUR/person incl. IVA

5 wine tasting flight 15,00 EUR/person incl. IVA.

Cellar Events

Join one of our events, take a tasting class to deepen your knowledge and understanding of wine, or tailor-make your own wine experience. Or join us for our ten-month winemaking workshop, going literally from vineyard to glass – you’ll get your hands dirty and learn the mystery of fermentation firsthand.


Sextas na Adega - Fridays at the Winery

Sextas na Adega is a Wine Quiz Night bringing together wine lovers, winery fans and Adega Belém friends. It takes place every other week on Friday nights, 19h-21h. Please check the website.

How to book: Simply send us an email or call.  admin@adegabelem.com or 213630707 (during office hours). Free entrance.


Lazy Saturday Brunch at the Winery

We like our lazy Saturday mornings and invite to our wine breakfast with brunch options including fresh croissants and bread, coffee, yogurt, artisan cheese, Iberian chouriço, of course wine, and many happy smiles. Kids are welcome. Please ask if available and book in advance. We may not offer this every Saturday.


Tasting classes and workshops

Curious about wine? Intrigued by the cryptic language of wine professionals? Take part in our 90 minute introduction to wine and wine tasting covering the basics of winemaking processes and wine tasting techniques. No pretension, just fun and self-discovery. Most Fridays 18h30-20h, please book in advance. Minimum number of participants required. Price: 35,- EUR/Person


Vineyard to Glass Workshop - Year round

Learn how to prune vines, follow grape ripening, pick grapes, make and mature wine, and finally bottle your own. 10 Sunday mornings over 10 months. Starting March 2023.

Private Groups

We organize your family, social and business events at the winery, including delicious catering, great wine and vibrant ambiance.

Different food and drinks options

Contact us by email (admin@adegabelem.com) or phone (+351 213 630 707), or drop by and discuss what it is exactly that you you want and how we can get it organized.