Christmas Promotion: 20% off on all wines on Fridays and Saturdays at the Cellar door in Belém (until Christmas 2020).
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Open house events,
wine tasting classes
and custom events

On Friday nights, we serve wine and petiscos until 20h30 (groups of max. 6 persons except when from same household).

Join one of our open house events, take a tasting class to deepen your knowledge and understanding of wine, or tailor-make your own event or unique wine experience. Or join us for our ten-month winemaking workshop, going literally from vineyard to glass – you’ll get your hands dirty and learn the mystery of fermentation firsthand. Due to the current COVID restrictions, we have had to cancel all events.

Sextas na Adega - Fridays at the Winery


Due to current COVID restrictions, the Sextas na Adega events do not take place in their usual format.

The good news is, however, that we remain open to the public on Fridays till 20h30, with or without reservation for tastings, petiscos and good humor.

Contact us if you wish to reserve a table (max 5 persons, except when from same household) – or 213630707 (during office hours).

Saturday mornings at the Winery


Starting in November 2020, every other Saturday, we will host a wine brunch with music, finger food and friends. Kids are welcome.

First edition announced shortly. 

Tasting classes and workshops

Curious about wine? Intrigued by the cryptic language of wine professionals? Take one of our classes. No pretension, just fun and self-discovery.


One night starter

A 60 minute introduction to wine and wine tasting covering the basics of winemaking processes and wine tasting techniques. Re-starting in August-September 2020 – more information soon.


Vineyard to Glass Workshop – Year round

Learn how to prune vines, follow grape ripening, pick grapes, make and mature wine, and finally bottle your own. 10 Sunday mornings over 10 months. Starting March 2022.

Customize your own events

Tailor made and out-of-the-box — organize family, social and business events at the winery. Get in touch by email or phone, or pop along, and discuss what it is exactly that you you want and how we can get it organized. Maximum capacity during COVID restrictions: 25 persons (separated in sub-groups of respectively maximum 10).