We will be harvesting grapes during the mornings of 9, 10 and 11 Sept. On these days, the winery will only open in the afternoon.
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Open house events,
wine tasting classes
and custom events

Join one of our open house events, take a tasting class to deepen your knowledge and understanding of wine, or tailor-make your own event or unique wine experience. Or join us for our ten-month winemaking workshop, going literally from vineyard to glass – you’ll get your hands dirty and learn the mystery of fermentation firsthand.

Sextas na Adega - Fridays at the Winery


Every other Friday, we are hosting a wine quiz accompanied by tastings, talks and cold snacks at the winery.

Next edition 18 Sept 18h30-20h30.  ATTENTION: LIMITED TO 25 PEOPLE. Value 15 Eur. Mandatory reservation – admin@adegabelem.com or 213630707 (during office hours).

Tasting classes, wine slams and workshops

Curious about wine? Intrigued by the cryptic language of wine professionals? Take one of our classes. No pretension, just fun and self-discovery.


One night starter

A 60 minute introduction to wine and wine tasting covering the basics of winemaking processes and wine tasting techniques. Re-starting in August-September 2020 – more information soon.


Wine Slam

You be the judge! At each ‘slam’ session, two guest winemakers present and debate competing grape varietals, production methods and/or wine regions. Using their expertise and specially selected tastings, they attempt to convince you, the judges, that their approach is the right one. At the end, your vote determines the winner.

Restarting hopefully in July or August 2020 – more information soon.


Vineyard to Glass Workshop – Year round

Learn how to prune vines, follow grape ripening, pick grapes, make and mature wine, and finally bottle your own. 10 Sunday mornings over 10 months. Starting March 2022.

Open House Events

Please book directly below and bring your receipt to the event together with valid ID for the person purchasing. Spaces are limited and some events will sell out quickly.

Customize your own events

Tailor made and out-of-the-box — find some examples below. Please use the contact form below to get in touch and discuss what it is exactly that you you want and how we can get it organized.


Wine tasting for small groups

Bring your friends, family or business partners and meet our winemakers for a group wine tasting session. Discover who among your buddies is a super taster, who can really-really distinguish white from red, who has the sweetest mouth, and who will make big savings on their future wine bill.


Wine making for small groups

Bring your group and meet our winemakers for a group wine making or blending session, depending on the time of year. Stomp grapes with your feet, learn about basic wine making processes and get your self-produced wine bottled, when its ready. Outside the harvest season, we can provide blending sessions during which you and your buddies can create your own group blend and get it bottled.