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Order your wine box now! Deliveries to Portugal and many European countries

Six bottles of our Rabo da Rainha premium series to accompany delicious food, cheese and hearty aperitifs.

68.00 inc. VAT
15.11 /l inc. VAT

6 bottles of our house wine made to go with your daily gastronomic escapades, salads and easy food.

42.00 inc. VAT
9.33 /l inc. VAT

The full set of the 2020 Adega Belém production including our top premium wines. The ideal wine lover's gift.

135.00 inc. VAT
15.00 /l inc. VAT

Our ultimate series of handcrafted wines that exist in very limited series only. A skin fermented aromatic white wine and a velvety full bodied red.

129.00 inc. VAT
28.67 /l inc. VAT

A selection of 6 bottles of the first batch ever of Adega Belém wines. They won't cure the virus, but they'll help make the lockdown more enjoyable.

69.00 inc. VAT
15.33 /l inc. VAT

Refined acidity-driven body enveloped by lemon zest aromas and notes of white flower, peppermint and sweet almond

12.00 inc. VAT
16.00 /l inc. VAT

A rich and lively blend of Portuguese red varietals, an ideal buddy to accompany food and  hang with your mates

7.50 inc. VAT
10.00 /l inc. VAT

Great body and subtle acidity, refined stone fruit and lemon zest aromas, and delicate peach, pear and pineapple flavours

7.50 inc. VAT
10.00 /l inc. VAT

Dense aroma built of plum, blueberry and wild strawberry, delicately interlaced with notes of violet, dry fig, black pepper and clove.

12.00 inc. VAT
16.00 /l inc. VAT

Winemaker's Selection. Its powerful body pairs it well with Mediterranean dishes, salads, pasta, and friends, lovers and colourful relationships.

12.00 inc. VAT
16.00 /l inc. VAT

A quintessentially low-intervention white wine made by the skin fermentation method. We have loved it - time to let you enjoy it.

22.00 inc. VAT
29.33 /l inc. VAT

This wine screams hallelujah out to your senses. Black cherry, violet and blueberry aromas interlayered with notes of dried fig, clove, tobacco and leather

24.00 inc. VAT
32.00 /l inc. VAT

Order any of our selections of 6- or 12-bottle wine boxes, or mix and curate your own boxes of 6 bottles. Minimum order is 6 bottles. We offer delivery flat rates for Portugal mainland (€7,50 per box of six, €10.50 per box of 12, and €1,25 per Mix & Match bottle plus VAT) and Europe (Netherlands, France, Poland, UK and Germany: €12 per box of six, €15 per box of 12, and €2 per Mix & Match bottle plus VAT). Find detailed product descriptions on the technical sheet of each product page. We use certified disposable packaging material that can be recycled.


Because of the limitations imposed by the European Directive 94/62/EC on packing waste which requires us as a small wine producer to register our less than 500kg of packing material per year and country to each respective national recycling scheme in every single EU or affiliated country, we do not currently deliver to any other country. We do support recycling and have spent a couple of days trying to understand the different national recycling schemes. We have subscribed to a couple of schemes where we could actually find the appropriate information. Some countries do not impose such a registration for very small producers like us. We have not subscribed to others where the respective registration cost simply makes exporting small quantities financially unfeasible or where relevant information was impossible to find or understand. We are monitoring the situation, and hope to add more delivery countries in the near future.