23 April 2024, Adega Belém at The Big Fortified Tasting, Church House, London


Espumante Trincadeira Blanc de Noirs

Espumante Trincadeira 2021 is a classical traditional method sparkling wine made of Trinquadeira grapes. It´s a Blanc de Noirs which means as much as a white wine made of red grapes pressed almost immediately after arriving at the winery, so that the pigments from the grape skin have no time to leach into the wine. Hence it stays a white wine.

The grapes were handpicked as whole bunches in a vineyard in the foothills of the Sintra mountains, above the town of Estoril. The base wine was produced in 2021, with spontaneous fermentation in steel tanks and carefully applied temperature control. In spring 2022, this base wine was prepared for a second fermentation, by adding sugar and waiting for yeasts to come alive. Once our base wine started literally to bubble, we bottled it in sparkling bottles where the sugar was then consumed over the following weeks and the bubbles built.

Once no more sugar was available, the yeasts died and started to decompose and sediment to the bottom of the bottle. In wine language this process is called: on lies aging, whereby decomposing yeast cells (“lies”) greatly influence the texture, haptics and aroma of the later sparkling wine. After 18 months “on lies”, we disgorged the bottles one by one, after riddling the yeasts into the bottle neck. The yeasts is literally shot out of the bottle, the bottle is topped up with the same sparkling wine and therefore bears the mark “brut nature” (also because it is bone dry).

Each bottle is corked and a wire cage closed to protect the cork from sliding out of the bottle neck. Sparkling corks are cylindrical just like wine corks, and the typical delta shape is molded by the form of the glass bottle. To ease the opening of the wire cage, we have reduced the number of twists to close this cage. The wine has a clean red fruit and nut aroma, a very fine bubble and is a delicious partner for all those festive moments in life. Or simply to accompany a nice fresh meal!

The image of the bird is taken from one of many drawings that our daughters did during the second covid lockdown in 2021. We are a family winery, and like the idea that everyone in our family participates and is as well recognized for that.


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