Magic of the Unicorns

Capricious, wild and untamed. Embodiment of utopian purity, flavor concentration and origin. Image of an authentic nature tamed through craft and tenderness. Animal fetiche da geração 2015. Name for our most outstanding vintages, this year sold as a two-bottle box.

Vindíma 2020. Perfect grapes of late harvest Moscatel Graúdo from the Arrabida Hills next to Palmela. Desengacejado e fermentada com baga integral sem aditivos. Fermentação espontânea. Metade em ânforas de argila de 180L, a outra metade em barrica de carvalho francês de 225L. More than 60 days of maceration.

While the grapes and winemaking processes were close to identical, the wines, as if guided by a magical hand, developed their own characters and personalities. Both became outstanding vintages. Similar to our two beautiful daughters, while starting their lives from a similiar point of departure, both grew into different expressions of the best that winemaking can do to a grape.

Magic of the Unicorns, two-bottle wooden box, 2x 0,75L, Unicórnio Graúdo Ânfora 15,5% Vol.Alc e Unicórnio Graúdo Barrica 14,5 Vol.Alc. Wine of Portugal. Contains sulfites.

EUR 48,00