Ostras e as melhores bolhas feitas em Lisboa | 16 dez 22 | Reserve já!
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Capricious, wild and untamed. Embodiment of utopian purity, flavor concentration and origin. Image of an authentic nature tamed through craft and tenderness. Animal fetiche da geração 2015. Name for our most outstanding vintages, this year sold as a two-bottle box.

Vintage 2021 starts on 5 August with the picking of Moscatel Galego at the vineyards of the Higher Institute of Agronomy at Tapada da Ajuda in Lisbon and ends with the late harvest Moscatel Graúdo grown in the Arrabida Mountains on the Setubal Peninsula just south of the Tagus River.

It's been one long year since we opened the winery to the public. A year during which we had to close straight after opening, and close again in 2021 due to the Corona epidemic. In the meanwhile Catarina and I continued to make our wines.