Taste the newly released Adega Belém Visionho 2023!


Grande Reserva red wine aged in French oak barrels for 540 days. A big wine with intense black fruit and cherry aromas, full bodied, dry, with beautiful vibrant tannins, a great mouth and long finish. Perfect companion for anything stewed or braised, red meat, carrots, plums, mushrooms, creamy sauces.

Senhor Rita is a jogo de palavras whereby the “R” in “Rita” is to be pronounced with a German accent, so it becomes “SenhoRita”. The visual design is based on a drawing by the winery’s eldest junior winemaker, Ana Lula, to which David added a moustache. Senhor Rita thus becomes a contemporary reinterpretation of the Dionysian figure of liber-libera, god and goddess of wine, wanderer between the worlds, emblem of human liberty, festive transgression, excess and coloured vitality.

Whole bunches of grapes are put in 200l clay amphorae and spontaneously fermented to dry. The amphorae are cooled down with water, and the grapes are punched down into their juice twice or three times a day. After pressing, the wine goes back into one of the two amphorae and ages here for another 10 months.