18 Nov PetNat 2021 Tasting & Tapas.  Book now!

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2021 Grape Ale – Encruzado

This harvest, we collaborate with Lince Brewery from Lisbon Marvila to create an Encruzado Grape Ale. 10% freshly pressed grape juice from grapes harvested at Tapada da Ajuda, the University-of-Lisbon vineyard, are mixed into the brew and fermented at relatively low temperature. The result is a fresh blonde beer preserving and nicely integrating the aroma complexity of the encruzado variety into a delicious drink. Congrats to the brewers to have managed to harmonize these two genres, one rather acidic (wine is just above pH3) and the other rather mellow (beer at around pH4,5). You can taste this 2021 Grape Ale at the winery in 0,33cl bottles or go straight to Lince brewery in Marvila (last time we went there the grape ale was at tap 11).

On 29 October, this Grape Ale is centre stage at our special Halloween do at the winery. Limited spaces available. Petiscos being served. 15 EUR/Person. Book now!